Thomas Friedman says events in Egypt make Israeli-Palestinian peace more urgent than ever. Yossi Klein Halevi says Israelis fear a Muslim Brotherhood take-over of Egypt. Michael Weiss criticizes the Guardian’s handling of the “Palestine papers.” Palestinians are not allowed to rally on Egypt anywhere as Hamas brakes up a pro-Egyptian protesters rally in Gaza. The PA says it intends to hold local elections soon. Palestinians urge the Quartet to back statehood. Mike Huckabee says there should be no Palestinian state. The Arab League postpones a conference on Jerusalem due to unrest in Arab states. Israel urges the West to ensure that any new Egyptian government honors the peace treaty. Hamas is worried unrest will spill over into Gaza. Muslim leaders visit Auschwitz. The Knesset decides to investigate NGOs. An Israeli soldier criticizes his country’s occupation policies. American supporters of Israel face a dilemma on Egyptian protests. Guyana and Suriname are the latest South American states to recognize Palestine in its 1967 borders.

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