Pres. Abbas threatens to dissolve the PA “unity” government if Hamas maintains a “shadow government” in Gaza.

Hamas says Abbas is trying to destroy the unity agreement.

Palestinian unity is tested after the Gaza war.

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli police in occupied East Jerusalem, following the death of a Palestinian teenager.

Former Pres. Peres and Abbas call for peace at the World Economic Forum in Jordan.

UNRWA says Israel should be held accountable for violations against Palestinian civilians.

FM Lieberman says he doubts the current Gaza ceasefire will last.

An Israeli official says Hamas has begun rebuilding its military capabilities.

The PA says it will not pay the salaries of Hamas-hired civil servants in Gaza, but may providefinancial assistance.

Hamas calls on PM Hamdallah to visit Gaza and take charge of local governance.

Israel reportedly wants European monitors to oversee the reconstruction of Gaza.

45 Palestinian children from Gaza, who were severely injured in Israel’s offensive, will be treated in Germany.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry declines to share a joint ambassador from New Zealand with the PA.

The Arab League says its members states have agreed to combat ISIS.

The US launches airstrikes around the Haditha Dam in western Iraq.

Iraqi government forces claim to have secured the Haditha Dam.

US officials say “destroying” ISIS may take three years.

Syrian air strikes on ISIS positions kill 60 civilians.

The West is reportedly widening contacts with Kurds in Syria.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights al-Hussein says the international community should end the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The head of Egypt’s Al Azhar says ISIS extremists are “criminals.”

Qatar’s support of Islamists is alienating its allies.

The New York Times looks at foreign funding of US think tanks, especially by Qatar, the UAE and Norway.

Human Rights Watch accuses militias in Libya of committing war crimes.


Roger Cohen says the war in Gaza was not in Israel’s strategic interests.

The National says Israel’s blockade of Gaza is “choking” a possible Palestinian state.

Rory Miller and Mattia Toaldo say violence between Israel and Hamas will continue until the status quo is broken.

Shai Feldman gives a preliminary assessment of the recent Israel-Hamas war.

Uri Savir says implementing the Arab Peace Initiative will take time.

Ravit Hecht says PM Netanyahu’s comment on regional diplomacy should not be taken seriously.

Hussein Ibish says the Muslim Brotherhood is part of a continuum, not a corrective to, more extreme groups like ISIS.

Nawaf Obaid and Saud Al-Sarhan say Saudi Arabia can defeat ISIS.

Michael Singh looks at ISIS’s “triple threat.”

Donna Brazile says Pres. Obama is developing an ISIS strategy.

The Daily Star says Arab League dysfunctionality is a “symptom of bureaucracy and hypocrisy.”

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