The text of the recent Fatah-Hamas agreement is released. (Jerusalem Post)

Pres. Abbas will ask the UN to set a timeline for the end of the Israeli occupation. (Ma’an/Times of Israel/Ynet)

Palestinians in Gaza displaced by Israel’s military offensive are still waiting for solutions. (Ma’an) 

Israeli occupation forces impose restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshipers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (Ma’an)

The PA tourism ministry encourages more travel to Palestine. (Ma’an)

OneVoice Palestine launches "the land is ours" campaign to promote the role of young Palestinians. (PNN)

For the second day, US-led air strikes hit oil installations held by ISIS in Syria. (AP/Reuters/New York Times/Washington Post)

PM Cameron urges the British parliament to approve "years" of air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. (Reuters)

Denmark joins the fight against ISIS. (AP/Ha’aretz)

PM al-Abadi expresses support for American-led airstrikes in Syria against ISIS, with some reservations. (New York Times)

ISIS advances towards a strategic town on northern Syria's border with Turkey. (Reuters) 

Members of the Al-Nusra Front are pushing their group to cooperate with ISIS in the face of US-led airstrikes. (Reuters)

The FBI says there are about 12 Americans fighting in Syria, not 100. (AP)

The FBI says they have identified the ISIS extremist who appeared on two videos in which American journalists were beheaded. (New York Times)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says more than 200 fighters have joined ISIS since Pres. Obama said he would strike the group in Syria. (Reuters)

woman in Raqqa is filming life under ISIS rule by concealing a camera in the folds of her cloak. (New York Times)

Pres. Obama says Egypt is crucial to US security in the Middle East. (AP/Times of Israel)

The US is reportedly considering presenting a new offer to Iran for the P5+1 negotations. (AP) 

Pres. Rouhani says the west’s “blunders” aided the rise of ISIS. (New York Times/Washington Post/The National) 


Asmaa al-Ghoul says Islamic Jihad’s popularity is growing after the Gaza war. (Al-Monitor)

The National says Obama’s UN General Assembly speech lacked harsh words for Israel. (The National)

Alan Philps says after the air strikes, Iraq will require a political solution. (The National)

David Ignatius looks at the jihadist manual that foreshadowed ISIS. (Washington Post)

Fareed Zakaria says the fight against ISIS must include Iran. (Washington Post)

H.A. Hellyer says the battle against ISIS cannot “blind the world” to Pres. Assad’s sins.  (The National)

The Daily Star says, without a concerted effort to remove Assad from power, the ongoing bloodshed in Syria will continue unabated. (Daily Star)

David Kenner looks at Turkey’s welcoming of Syrian Kurdish refugees. (Foreign Policy)

Abdallah Schleifer says solar energy is the solution to Egypt’s power cuts and pollution. (Al Arabiya)

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