Fatah and Hamas will meet in Egypt before indirect talks with Israel. (Ma’an/Times of Israel)

The UN reportedly wants international monitors to oversee the reconstruction work in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

FM Lieberman says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “not at the heart” of the Middle East’s problems. (Jerusalem Post)

Local police in Gaza deactivate three tons of unexploded ordnance from Israel's recent military offensive. (Ma’an)

Israeli occupation forces detain 16 Palestinians in the West Bank. (Ma’an/PNN)

Palestinian youth throw rocks at a school bus in occupied East Jerusalem. (JTA)

The Jerusalem district prosecutor’s office is hardening its stance on Palestinian minors. (Ha’aretz)

Israel closes the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron to Muslims for two days. (Ma’an)

UNRWA calls on the international community to step up its opposition to an Israeli plan to forcibly relocate thousands of Bedouins. (Ha’aretz)

The UN General Assembly will focus on the war against ISIS. (AP)

US Amb. to the UN Power says other nations are pledging support for the fight against ISIS extremists. (AP)

Quartet Envoy Blair says airstrikes are not enough to beat ISIS. (AP)

Iran says it is ready to work with the US on ISIS, but wants more flexibility on its uranium enrichment program in exchange. (Reuters)

ISIS urges Sinai urgents to attack and behead Egyptian security forces. (Reuters)

The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey now totals 130,000. (AP/Reuters)

Syrian Kurdish fighters have reportedly halted an advance by ISIS fighters. (Reuters)

Pres. Erdogan says Turkey will not reveal details of the release of 49 hostages held by ISIS. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post)

Turkey is reportedly accused of colluding with ISIS. (Independent)

The US and Hezbollah are working separately on a common goal: to stop ISIS from moving into Lebanon. (New York Times)

The Jordanian army thwarts an “infiltration attempt” from Iraq. (Jordan Times)

Israel is worried that al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra is gaining control of Syrian side of the Golan frontier. (Washington Post)

FM Zarif hails “new chapter” in Iranian-Saudi relations. (Reuters)

Pope Francis calls on Muslims and all religious leaders to condemn Islamic extremists. (AP)

A FIFA official says the 2022 World Cup will not held in Qatar. (The Guardian)


Rami Khouri says Hamas and Fatah have behaved shamefully. (Daily Star)

Elhanan Miller explains why PM Netanyahu is “shunning” Palestinian society and media. (Times of Israel)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says although support in Gaza is growing for a boycott of Israeli goods, it is hard to envision such a campaign working. (Al-Monitor)

Nathan Thrall critiques US diplomacy on Israeli-Palestinian peace. (New York Times)

Hussein Ibish says, implausible though it sounds, ISIS is replicating some of  Mao Zedong’s key strategies. (The National)

Amer Al Sabaileh says “unclear” American strategy against ISIS could increase risks for the region. (Jordan Times)

Dexter Filkins says Iraq’s Kurds are more interested in breaking away than helping save Iraq from ISIS. (New Yorker)

Henri Barkey looks at how ISIS captured the 49 Turkish hostages in Iraq. (Foreign Policy)

Miriam Awadallah says Pres. Assad’s plan to portray himself to the world as the only alternative to ISIS was vain. (Annahar)

AP interviews Pres. Sisi. (AP)

Jamal Khashoggi says the Muslim Brotherhood keeps repeating the same mistakes. (Al Arabiya)

Tariq Alhomayed looks at noted Muslim cleric Qaradawi’s double standards on the fight against ISIS. (Asharq al-Awsat)

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