Israel issues tenders for 283 new homes in a West Bank settlement. (AFP/Times of Israel)

The Obama administration is considering taking further action regarding Israel’s expropriation of 1,000 acres of West Bank land. (Ha’aretz)

Sec. Kerry speaks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders about peace prospects in the region. (JTA)

A Fatah official says a draft of ICC indictment against Israel is ready for submission. (Ha’aretz)

The reconstruction of Gaza will cost an estimated $7.8 billion. (Ma’an)

The PA is working to implement a three-stage plan to solve the water crisis in Gaza. (Ma’an)

An Egyptian official says an Israeli delegation will arrive in Cairo within a week to continue indirect talks with the Palestinians. (Ma’an)

Hamas leader Haniyeh says the group will not be disarmed as a condition for ending the blockade of Gaza. (AP/Ma’an)

Hamas leader Meshaal reportedly agreed to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 bordersduring a recent meeting with Pres. Abbas. (Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

The murder of the three Israeli teenagers was reportedly set in motion by Hamas operatives from a local Palestinian clan. (New York Times/Ma'an)

The EU paid €15.5 million toward to the early payment of PA salaries and pensions in August. (PNN)

Palestinian citizens of Israel fear rising discrimination after Gaza war. (JTA)

David Makovsky, a member of the State Department’s Middle East peace team, is returning to his think tank position. (JTA)

Kerry and Def. Sec. Hagel urge a broad international coalition against IS. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)

IS extremists kidnap 50 Iraqi men. (AP/New York Times)

The UN says discrepancies and questions still surround Syria's chemical weapons declaration. (Reuters/New York Times)

The Al-Nusra Front tells Lebanese Sunnis they must support its cause or pay the price. (Reuters)

Some Lebanese Christians are beginning to arm as Middle East tensions mount. (AP/Times of Israel)

Prominent Arab Spring activists in Egypt and Bahrain turn to hunger strikes in prisons. (New York Times)


ATFP’s Tala Haikal says Iraqi Kurds will need more than weapons to protect their relative prosperity and an independent future. (Daily Star)

Hussein Ibish, Bessma Momani, Eric Margolis and Janice Stein discuss the rise of The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. (Video: TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin)

Amir Taheri says it is useless to debate who won the war in Gaza. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Ben Caspit says ignoring the Arab Peace Initiative will be costly for PM Netanyahu. (Al-Monitor)

Hana Salah says young Palestinians from Gaza are willing to risk the dangers of illegally immigrating to Europe. (Al-Monitor)

The Daily Star says as long as Israel maintains its position toward the peace process, nothing is going to change. (Daily Star)

Yoel Marcus compares Netanyahu to Pres. Putin. (Ha’aretz)

Aaron David Miller says IS could kill the two-state solution. (Foreign Policy)

David Ignatius looks at Pres. Obama’s IS strategy. (Washington Post)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says eradicating ISIS cannot be accomplished simply with air strikes. (Al Arabiya)

Alan Philps says Britain is trying to avert a wave of militants volunteering for jihad in Syria and Iraq. (The National)

H.A. Hellyer says the west’s analysis of the Middle East is far too simplistic. (The National)

Ahmad Majdoubeh says Arab states must meet people’s demands. (Jordan Times)

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