Pres. Abbas will ask Pres. Hollande for official recognition of Palestine in an upcoming meeting this week. (Ma’an/Times of Israel)
Palestinian children in Gaza return to school. (AP/Reuters/AFP)
Israeli authorities deny Palestinian Minister of Education al-Shakhshir entry to Gaza. (Ma’an/PNN)
15 Palestinian migrants from Gaza die after a boat they were riding in capsized in the Mediterranean sea. (Ma’an)
A high ranking Kuwaiti official visits Ramallah for the first time since 1967. (Ma’an/PNN/Ha’aretz)
Israeli occupation forces detain 4 Palestinian teenagers in East Jerusalem. (Ma’an/Ha’aretz)
The New York Times profiles some Palestinians who lived in the high-rise apartment building in Gaza that was destroyed by Israel. (New York Times)
An Israeli official warns that Hezbollah could advance into Israel in a future war. (Times of Israel)
Arab nations reportedly offer to conduct airstrikes against ISIS. (New York Times/The National)
ISIS releases a video purportedly showing the beheading of British aid worker David Haines. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post)
Hollande calls for united international action against ISIS. (Reuters)
Syrian government forces destroy an ISIS controlled-bridge. (Reuters)
Syria’s moderate rebels say they need weapons, not training. (Reuters)
Pres. Masoum asks the international community to pursue ISIS in Syria. (New York Times)
Turkey is seeking a behind-the-scenes role in the NATO coalition against ISIS. (AP/Washington Post)
Iran rejects the global strategy against ISIS extremists. (AP/Reuters/The National)
Austria plans to introduce a law banning symbols of ISIS and other extremist groups. (AP)
Egypt will hunt down exiled Muslim Brotherhood leaders and seek their arrest after Qatar ordered them to leave its territory. (AP/New York Times)
One of Egypt’s most prominent dissident activists, Alaa Abdel-Fattah, will be released. (AP/Reuters)
Egypt says it will boost security at tourist locations. (AP)
Hussein Ibish says Arab states can’t afford to be tepid in their response to ISIS. (The National)
Ron Kampeas explains why Qatar supports Hamas. (JTA)
Amir Hass asks 18 questions to Hamas. (Ha’aretz)
Lorenzo Kamel looks at the facts and fiction of Israel’s settlement enterprise. (The National)
Daniel Ben Simon looks at how much money goes to Israel’s settlements every year. (Al Monitor)
Uri Savir says Europe is dismayed by Israel’s West Bank policies. (Al-Monitor)
Tariq Alhomayed says there is nothing wrong with negotiating with Israel. (Asharq al-Awsat)
Amer Al Sabaileh says the anti-ISIS coalition needs the cooperation and coordination of old and new allies in the region. (Jordan Times)
Rami Khouri says the US-led anti-ISIS coalition leaves “lingering doubts.” (Daily Star)
Thomas Friedman says Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS depends on Arab reform. (New York Times)
Raghida Dergham says the anti-ISIS coalition is Obama’s last chance to regain his credibility. (Al Arabiya)
The New York Times says Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels is “full of hope and fraught with obstacles.” (New York Times)
The National says the announcement by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood that they intend to leave Qatar is an encouraging development. (The National)
The National says Libya has to be helped to avoid becoming a failed state. (The National)

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