Pres. Abbas says the coming weeks will be crucial for the Palestinian cause. (Ma’an)

Reuters looks at possible successors to Abbas. (Reuters)

PM Hamdallah says no mechanisms are in place to implement the Palestinian reconciliation agreement. (Ma’an)

Despite a UN agreement, hurdles remain for Gaza reconstruction. (The National)


The Israeli government is expected to go forward with construction of the West Bank separation barrier in the vicinity of the historic village of Batir. (Ha’aretz/Ynet/Jerusalem Post)

Israeli jails are filled with Palestinian minors after this summer’s riots. (Ha’aretz)

Israel is preparing a draft law that would allow it to impose a special fee on goods passing through crossing points between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Gaza farmers want guarantees that Israel will not destroy their lands. (Al-Monitor)

A poll indicates that Israelis are more concerned about the peace process and the EU than they are Iran. (Times of Israel)

Israeli bulldozers level land in southern Gaza. (Ma’an)

Ramallah is selected to be among the world’s most “resilient” cities. (Ma’an)

France conducts its first airstrikes against ISIS. (Reuters/AP/New York Times/Washington Post)

Gen. Dempsey says the US appreciates France's airstrike against ISIS extremists. (AP)

Congress gives the final approval to aid Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS. (New York Times)

Pres. Obama says the Senate vote to authorize arming and training Syrian rebels shows the world that Americans are united in combating ISIS. (AP)

Thousands of Syrian Kurds have begun crossing into Turkey, fleeing ISIS fighters. (Reuters)

Ayatollah Sistani says Iraq needs outside help to fight ISIS. (Daily Star)

ISIS creates a police force in north west Iraq to “implement the orders of the religious judiciary.” (Reuters)

ISIS releases a new video showing a British journalist who says he is a prisoner of the extremists. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)

The US is reportedly tracking threats against the West by Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria. (Wall Street Journal)

bomb kills two Lebanese soldiers near the Syrian border. (AP)

An American official says Obama is not scheduled to meet Pres. Rouhani in New York, but he is open to such a meeting. (Reuters)


Alan Philps says the Gaza crisis obscures the long quest for Palestinian statehood. (The National)

AP interviews Hamas leader Abu Marzouk. (AP)

Abdullah Erakat asks if Abbas is Israel’s last chance for peace. (The Media Line)

Shlomi Eldar says Israel must help Palestinians in Gaza, regardless of Hamas. (Al-Monitor)

Benjy Cannon outlines five things Jewish-American leaders must know about college students. (Ha’aretz)

David Ignatius looks at James Clapper’s revelations on ISIS. (Washington Post)

Alexander Christie-Miller explains why he thinks Turkey will not fight with the US against ISIS. (Christian Science Monitor)

Ahmad Majdoubeh says the US should stick to diplomacy not militarism in the Middle East. (Jordan Times)

The Daily Star says Obama has proven that he is no strategist. (Daily Star)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed looks at Pres. Sisi’s foreign policy. (Al Arabiya)

H.A. Hellyer says Libya is not too big to fail, but must be saved anyway.  (The National)

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