Sec. Kerry meets with Pres. Abbas to discuss the situation in Gaza. (AFP/PNN)

Palestinian factions meet in Cairo. (Reuters/Ma’an)

Kerry announces $71 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza. (Ma’an)

Abbas will reportedly submit a resolution to the UNSC seeking a three-year timetable for thewithdrawal of Israeli forces. (Ha’aretz/AP/The Media Line)

Egypt opens the Rafah crossing for students from Gaza. (Ma’an)

Israeli forces release video of raid that killed two Hamas members suspected of abducting and killing the three Israeli teenagers. (Washington Post)

Clashes erupt in the occupied West Bank after the killing of two Hamas members. (Washington Post)

Israeli police clash with Palestinians at the Al Aqsa compound. (Ma’an/Xinhua/JTA/Ha’aretz)

Overnight air strikes hit ISIS-held territory in Syria near the Turkish border. (Reuters/New York Times)

American military officials say the US is carrying out the vast majority of strikes on ISIS. (New York Times)

The US reportedly informed Iran of intent to strike ISIS in Syria. (Reuters)

NSA Rice says there's no plan to commit American ground combat forces to the fight against ISIS. (AP)

The US cannot confirm the death of the Khorasan group leader in Syria. (AFP)

Pres. Erdogan says Turkey is considering a military role against ISIS. (AP)

The British parliament will be recalled to vote on Iraq air strikes. (Reuters)

An Iranian general says 70 Iranian aides were on the ground in Iraq helping the Kurdish forces battle ISIS. (AP)

Extremist Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada is cleared of charges of conspiring in a plot to attacktourists. (Reuters/AP/New York Times/Jordan Times) 

Jordan’s Central Bank says it still supports the Arab Bank which has been found liable in a US court for facilitating terrorism. (Ma’an)

King Abdullah of Jordan outlines Jordan’s future vision at the Clinton Global Initiative. (Jordan Times)


Chemi Shalev analyzes Abbas’ speech at New York’s Cooper Union. (Ha’aretz) 

JTA interviews former Special Envoy Indyk. (JTA)

The Times of Israel interviews Chief Israeli Negotiator Livni. (Times of Israel)

Avi Issacharoff says Hamas may return to conflict since it failed to make significant gains in the Gaza war. (Times of Israel)

Ariv Shavit says the Israeli left must revive Israeli-Palestinian peace. (Ha’aretz)

The Jordan Times says peace with the Palestinians and, by extension, with the rest of the Arab world, will benefit Israelis. (Jordan Times)

Hussein Ibish says, in the long-run, Pres. Assad will not be a beneficiary of airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.  (Now)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed thanks Pres. Obama for finally “joining” the anti-ISIS coalition. (Al Arabiya)

The National says attack on ISIS is an important first step in a longer battle. (The National)

The Daily Star says Arab countries in the anti-ISIS coalition have been silent. (Daily Star)

Thomas Friedman says the rise of ISIS is triggering some long overdue soul-searching by Arabs. (New York Times)

David Ignatius says Obama’s ISIS strategy is finally taking shape. (Washington Post)

The New York Times says Obama’s Syria’s strategy is not a convincing plan. (New York Times)

The Los Angeles Times asks if Obama’s ISIS escalation is justified. (Los Angeles Times)

David Motadel says “jihadist states” have a history, and it shows they always fail. (New York Times)

Aaron David Miller looks at six fictions related to taking on ISIS. (Foreign Policy)

Rami Khouri looks at three important developments in the Middle East. (Daily Star)

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