Palestinian officials say Israel has proposed an interim agreement leaving dozens of settlements and military bases scattered throughout the West Bank. (AP/YNet)

Palestinian officials say Israel's proposal would leave it in control of at least 40% of the occupied West Bank. (Times of Israel)

Palestinian officials say the Israeli proposals are "unacceptable," and say they will not accept any"temporary solutions." (Ha'aretz/Jerusalem Post)

Palestinians complain Israel cannot be shifted from the sole topic of security in talks. (Xinhua)

Israel begins construction on 620 new settler housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. (PNN)

Israeli police arrest at least seven people following unrest at East Jerusalem holy sites. (Ha'aretz)

The World Bank transfers $72.2 million to the PA. (Ma’an)

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and its UN partners say about 1.6 million Palestinians suffer food insecurity. (PNN)

Hamas is reeling from Egypt's establishment of a Sinai-Gaza buffer zone. (Al Monitor)

Shortages in Gaza are intensifying as Egypt continues to clamp down on smuggling tunnels. (Xinhua)

One Egyptian soldier is killed and nine are wounded by extremists in Sinai. (Xinhua)

Egypt's Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim survives an attempted assassination bomb attack. (BBC)

Senior advisers to Pres. Obama recommend a suspension of aid to Egypt. (AP)

A Pentagon official warns cutting aid to Egypt could cost the US billions of dollars. (Jerusalem Post)

Senate panel narrowly approves the use of American military force in Syria. (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian regime forces reportedly used large payloads of chemical weapons and cluster bombs. (New York Times)

Sec. Kerry says Arab states have offered to help pay for any Western intervention in Syria. (AFP)

The Pentagon may help arm Syrian rebels, instead of the CIA. (Times of Israel)

Many Jewish-American organizations are backing Obama on Syria, but are downplaying the "Israel angle." (JTA)

former Syrian Defense Minister defects from the regime. (Reuters)


David Ignatius says the Syrian war is reaching a turning point. (Washington Post)

Abdulkhaleq Abdulla says the GCC will back any American effective action in Syria. (Gulf News)

Michael Young says a very hard American hit that may signal the end of Pres. Assad is coming unless Russia can find a last-minute solution. (The Daily Star)

Jon Alterman says that if Obama doesn't get approval for action in Syria, Iran will no longer be interested in nuclear talks. (Al Monitor)

Nick Kristof says there's no point in calling for peace in the middle of a war. (New York Times)

The CSM says any American action in Syria should be proportionate and just. (Christian Science Monitor)

The Forward says the US needs to do "the right thing" and take action in Syria. (The Forward)

Aijaz Syed says international intervention is required in Syria. (Arab News)

Albert Hunt says Obama is haunted by his own redline in Syria. (New York Times)

Benny Morris says Obama's hesitation on Syria leaves many Israelis feeling he is unreliable. (Los Angeles Times)

Rajan Menon says preserving US credibility is no reason for military action in Syria. (Los Angeles Times)

Hagai Segal says history will mock Obama for his hesitation on Syria. (YNet)

Nathan Guttman says the White House pressed Jewish-American organizations to support it on Syria. (The Forward)

Eyad Abu Shakra explains the sectarian breakdown and dynamics in Syria. (Asharq Al Awsat)

James Denselow says bureaucracy and red tape are impeding aid to Syria's most vulnerable communities. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed thinks the prospects for a US-Russian understanding on Syria have improved. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Shmuel Rosner acknowledges that demographics and the occupation mean Israel must choose between being Jewish or democratic. (Al Monitor)

Diana Moukalled says Syria's plight is overshadowing Iraq's desperate cries for help. (Asharq Al Awsat)

David D'Arcy looks at a new movie about Palestinian identity, "Palestinian Stereo." (The National)

Yair Rosenberg says Peter Beinart's recent essay on Jewish lack of empathy with Palestinians doesn't acknowledge Palestinian reticence to reach out to Jews. (Tablet)

The Media Line profiles Maysoon Zayed and other edgy, young Palestinian comedians. (The Media Line)

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