Sec. Kerry is continuing Palestinian-Israeli peace efforts. (Jerusalem Post)

17 members of Israel's governing coalition demand no land concessions whatsoever to Palestinians. (Ha'aretz)

The head of Israel's internal security warns that Jewish terrorists might act in the event of any peace progress. (YNet)

Palestinian students in the Jordan Valley say they fear going to school because of Israeli soldiers. (Xinhua)

95% of Palestinian government workers are on strike in the coming days. (Ma'an)

Hamas says a recent military parade was meant to send "a message to Israel." (Xinhua)

Egypt is reportedly gaining ground in its offensive against extremists in Sinai. (New York Times/BBC)

Egypt says Sinai militants have booby-trapped the entire border area. (AP)

Nine Egyptian soldiers are killed in a roadside bomb in Sinai. (AP)

Egyptian tanks cross into Gaza, as part of a plan to secure the border area. (AFP/Reuters)

Palestinians say Egypt has promised to reopen the crossing with Gaza "soon," but it remains closed. (Xinhua/PNN)

Palestinians say extremist settlers have burned a Palestinian home near Nablus. (Ma'an)

Israel's mayor in Jerusalem is trying to introduce the Israeli curriculum into Palestinian classrooms. (Washington Post)

Some Palestinians are in favor of the introduction of the Israeli curriculum into their schools. (Christian Science Monitor)

PLO officials say there is still no justice for the victims of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres. (Ma'an)

40 years after the 1973 war, Israel assesses ongoing risks. (New York Times)

A new report says Israel has 80 nuclear warheads and can make 115-190 more. (Los Angeles Times)

A mother has admitted to killing her daughter in an "honor crime" near Hebron, the 20th in the occupied West Bank this year. (Gulf News)

Israel's attorney general says Palestinian villagers can return to their homes in the colonized West Bank village of Burka. (Jerusalem Post)

The Palestine Monetary Authority says the business cycle in the West Bank declined again in September. (PNN)

An aid watchdog group urges "profound changes" in UK support to Palestinian refugees. (The Guardian)

Four more Palestinians have been killed in the Syrian conflict. (Ma’an)

Israel says the US-Russian agreement in Syria will be tested by deeds, not words. (Los Angeles Times)

PM Netanyahu reportedly urged the US to accept the Russian proposal on Syria. (Ha'aretz/Times of Israel)

Israel finds itself increasingly under pressure for its own WMD stockpiles. (The Media Line)

Israel's defense and intelligence establishments are deeply divided on Syria. (The Forward)


Ian Lustick says more Israeli-Palestinian conflict is inevitable and a two-state solution cannot prevent that. (New York Times)

Giles Fraser says any Israeli effort to seize control of the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount in occupied East Jerusalem would unleash "unimaginable violence." (The Guardian)

Hussein Ibish says Western misconceptions about the Syrian opposition impede engagement with it. (The National)

Bill Keller says Iran must be part of an international effort to end the war in Syria. (New York Times)

Former Pres. Carter says Israelis and Palestinians can guarantee their peace through mutual referenda. (Ha'aretz)

Amira Hass says Israel and Hamas work together to keep Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip. (Ha'aretz)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says Hamas is becoming increasingly bellicose in the face of greater isolation. (Al Monitor)

Nasser Lahham says the Oslo agreement is dead and mourns the loss of the late Pres. Arafat. (Ma'an)

Ron Pundak says he's certain Arafat was ready to forge a complete peace deal with Israel. (Times of Israel)

Khaled Diab asks where Arab action is on Syria. (Ha'aretz)

Orly Azoulay says a deal on Syrian chemical weapons will be the prelude to an agreement or confrontation with Iran. (YNet)

Barry Rubin says the Syrian agreement shows the West "wants to be fooled" by Iran. (Jerusalem Post)

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed says changing the balance of power on the ground is the key to a negotiated solution in Syria. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Haian Dukhan says Israel only sees enemies on all sides in Syria. (The Daily Star)

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