Palestinian officials condemn Israeli proposals for a 40-year military presence in the Jordan Valley following a peace agreement. (AP)

Palestinian officials say Israeli demands may scupper ongoing peace talks. (AFP)

Palestinian public employees cancel strikes planned for next week. (Ma'an)

The PA will ask for $500 million in international aid in meetings next week. (Xinhua)

Canada pledges C$5 million towards Palestinian economic growth. (Xinhua)

Egypt sentences five Palestinian fishermen to a year in prison for violating its territorial waters and fishing rules. (Ma'an)

Arab states may be again preparing to focus international attention on the question of Israel's nuclear weapons. (Reuters/Times of Israel)

Pres. Peres is planning to visit the Netherlands. (Jerusalem Post)

Iran is reportedly seeking a broad accord with the West on nuclear matters in order to end sanctions. (New York Times)

Mainstream Syrian rebels strongly condemn Al Qaeda. (AP)

Israel's internal security service warned some Palestinians may be joining Al Qaeda. (YNet)

Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria are being denied entry into Lebanon. (IRIN)

The US and its allies are targeting Hezbollah assets in Africa. (Reuters)


The PLO issues a report on "Israel's annexationist policies in the Jordan Valley." (PLO)

Gamil Matar says the new round of Israeli-Palestinian talks doesn't have much to build on. (Al-Ahram Weekly)

Lara Friedman says Israelis and Palestinians should face reality and not indulge in "magical thinking." (APN)

Saud Abu Ramadan says Hamas finds itself stranded in isolated in an economic and political nightmare. (Xinhua)

Avi Issacharoff says Hamas has become so desperate it may lash out against Israel. (Times of Israel)

Linah Alsaafin says Pres. Abbas' high poll numbers better reflect the lack of an alternative than his real popularity. (Al Monitor)

Shlomi Eldar says Israeli dissident artists pay a price for their political views. (Al Monitor)

Ron Pundak says all the parties have their share of the blame for the failure of the Oslo Accords. (Ha'aretz)

J.J. Goldberg says both Israelis and Palestinians feel betrayed by the outcome of the Oslo Accords. (The Forward)

Liat Collins says Oslo may not have worked, but ignoring Palestinians and boycotting Israel achieves nothing. (Jerusalem Post)

Haim Bresheeth says the Oslo accords were a disaster for the Palestinians. (Ahram Online)

Ha'aretz says there must be a thorough investigation into the death of an injured Palestinian worker. (Ha'aretz)

Shlomo Avineri says it's unreasonable to expect Arab states to resemble Western democracies. (Ha'aretz)

Pres. Rouhani appeals for more dialogue with the West. (Washington Post)

Ray Takeyh says Rouhani must be judged by deeds, not words. (Los Angeles Times)

Uri Savir says Pres. Obama has recognized the limitations of American power. (Jerusalem Post)

Alan Phillips says Pres. Assad is likely to survive in power for the meanwhile. (The National)

Michael Young says the real question now is what will come after Assad. (The Daily Star)

Maysoon Zayid praises TV personality and chef Anthony Bourdain's visit to Israel and Palestine. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

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