Hamas says the Egyptian military is building a buffer zone with Gaza and strengthening its isolationon all fronts. (Reuters/AP)

Egypt condemns a raid by Hamas on an Egyptian cultural center in Gaza. (Xinhua)

Hamas again asks Egypt to reopen the border crossing with Gaza permanently. (Xinhua)

The Egyptian military says it has killed 15 militants in the Sinai Peninsula. (Reuters)

planned meeting between Palestinian and Israeli officials has been postponed, although other reports say negotiators met secretly on Saturday. (AP/Xinhua)

Negotiators are said to be ready to meet again on Tuesday, although amid disputes. (Xinhua/Jerusalem Post)

Palestinians say they would like Pres. Abbas to discuss the talks with Sec. Kerry in Europe. (Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel)

Israel says it has conducted a joint missile test with the United States, and Russia expresses alarm. (AP/Reuters)

The Arab League endorses international action in Syria. (New York Times)

Pres. Peres supports Pres. Obama's policy toward Syria, although most Israelis are staying quiet. (New York Times)

Many Israelis believe the stakes are high for them in any US attack on Syria. (Christian Science Monitor)

Yet another Palestinian refugee is killed in the Syrian conflict. (Ma'an)

Hamas insists it will not be dragged into any conflict on the question of Syria. (Xinhua)

Lebanon braces for the fallout of any US attack on Syria. (Washington Post)

The number of refugees from Syria in neighboring countries has passed 2 million. (New York Times/AP)

Palestinian truck thieves briefly disrupt work at Israel's international Airport. (AP)

Egyptian authorities accuse a bird of "spying" for Israel. (AP)

Israeli authorities detain Raed Salah, the head of the main Islamist group in Israel. (Ma'an/Jerusalem Post)

Israel pledges to destroy settler structures built with forged deeds on Palestinian land. (Ha'aretz)


Hussein Ibish urges Congress to authorize military action in Syria. (Now Media)

Elizabeth O'Bagy says her experiences on the ground prove Jihadists are not dominating the Syrian rebels. (Wall Street Journal)

Murhaf Jouejati says the US should strengthen the secular opposition in Syria to promote democracy. (Al Monitor)

Bruce Riedel says the US should also conduct a major information campaign against Al Qaeda in Syria. (Al Monitor)

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed says Western airstrikes would be the beginning of the end for Pres. Assad. (Asharq Al Awsat)

The New York Times says Obama needs to make his case for action better. (New York Times)

Vali Nasr says US credibility is now on the line in Syria. (New York Times)

The LA Times says limited strikes make sense but a US-led campaign for regime change does not. (Los Angeles Times)

Blake Hounshell says Obama's decision might be good domestic politics but could turn out to be strategically catastrophic. (The National)

Steven Cook says he's changed his mind and now thinks US intervention would destroy Syria. (Washington Post)

J.J. Goldberg says all scenarios in Syria produce bad outcomes for the United States. (The Forward)

Rami Khouri warns US air strikes against Syria could violate international norms and backfire. (The Daily Star)

David Horovitz says Obama's decision to seek approval from Congress horrified many Israelis. (Times of Israel)

Yaron London says American "indecisiveness" on Syria shows Israel cannot rely on the United States. (YNet)

Peter Beinart says Jewish Americans are willfully ignoring the existential conundrums facing Israel. (New York Review of Books)

Jill Jacobs says Jewish Americans should see the fate of Israel's Bedouin communities as a test of Jewish values. (Ha'aretz)

Amira Hass looks at new arguments being used by the Israeli government to justify the destruction of eight villages near Hebron. (Ha'aretz)

Oudeh Basharat says there are plenty of overlooked reasons for optimism about the Arab world. (Ha'aretz)

Yan Barakat says peace between Israel and Jordan on paper needs to become culturally internalized. (Jerusalem Post)

Aaron Magid says the Israeli left should give PM Netanyahu more credit. (Jerusalem Post)

Bassem Sabry asks if Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is all but destroyed. (Al Monitor)

Hussein Ibish says Arab Americans should learn from the March on Washington and embrace American politics. (The National)

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