At this year's UN meeting, Pres. Abbas is honoring his commitment not to pursue further multilateral efforts. (AP)

Abbas condemns the killing of Israelis and calls on Israel to condemn the killing of Palestinians. (Times of Israel/PNN/Jerusalem Post)

Abbas says he is still hopeful peace is possible. (Ma'an)

Abbas meets with Jewish-American leaders. (The Forward)

The UNHRC is due to discuss conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories during the UN meeting. (Jerusalem Post)

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are bickering, but talks continue nonetheless. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel may be preparing to offer the Palestinians a package of financial incentives. (Financial Times)

A new poll shows Palestinians are pessimistic about the prospects for peace with Israel. (Los Angeles Times)

The PA ambassador to Egypt says the crossing with Gaza is closed because of the security situation in Sinai. (Ma'an)

Iran may be starting to increase its level of support for Hamas again. (Times of Israel)

The World Bank grants $10 Million in direct assistance to Palestinian families in need. (PNN)

Israeli occupation forces and Palestinians clash in Hebron. (Ma'an/Los Angeles Times)

Amnesty International calls on the PA to end "a pattern of abuse" against demonstrators. (Ma'an)

Israel has threatened to take action against a French diplomat following a scuffle in the occupied Palestinian territories. (BBC)

People of Arab descent and others face long detention at Israeli airports. (Ha'aretz)

Israel dispatches experts to advise on resolving the Kenya mall attack crisis. (AP)

An Egyptian court orders the disbanding of the Muslim Brotherhood and the seizure of its assets. (New York Times/Washington Post)

Iran says UN nuclear talks signal the beginning of a new era with the West. (AP)

FIFA is continuing to try to mediate between the Israeli and Palestinian soccer federations. (Reuters)

Palestinians are planning to launch a new online radio network. (The Media Line)

Sec. Kerry thanks the UAE Foreign Minister for his support. (The National)

Jordan's King Abdallah meets world leaders in New York. (Jordan Times)

rift within Fatah in Lebanon threatens the organization's unity there. (The Daily Star)


Asmaa al-Ghoul says now only Abbas can rescue Hamas. (Al Monitor)

Joel Strauss warns that a weakened Hamas may become more violent. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Gershom Gorenberg compares the Syrian refugee crisis with the Palestinian Nakba of 1948. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Barak Ravid says PM Netanyahu's response to the death of Israeli soldiers by promoting more West Bank settlement is a return to bad habits. (Ha'aretz)

Ha'aretz says Netanyahu's response looks like an official government "price tag" gesture. (Ha'aretz)

David Schenker asks what would happen if insurgents in Sinai close down the Suez Canal. (Los Angeles Times)

Hussein Ibish says a US-Iran nuclear deal suddenly seems possible, but it will only buy the parties more time. (NOW)

Rami Khouri agrees US-Iranian negotiations could produce a win-win scenario. (The Daily Star)

Nechama Duek says Israel is strong enough to withstand a US-Iran nuclear deal. (YNet)

Nahum Barnea says Israel's life is made more difficult by the fact that Pres. Putin is more loyal to his allies than Pres. Obama. (YNet)

Raphael Ahren says Israel is likely to find itself isolated on the question of Iran this year at the UN. (Times of Israel)

Joschka Fischer says Syria faces a "Balkan tragedy" if the chemical weapons negotiations fail. (Gulf News)

Moshe Elad says Hamas is under Egyptian blockade and internal political pressure. (Ha'aretz)

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