Malek Jandali to Perform at ATFP 10th Anniversary Gala
Press Release - September 30, 2013 - 12:00am

The American Task Force on Palestine is proud to announce that the renowned Syrian-American composer and pianist Malek Jandali will be performing at ATFP's


Diplomats say Israeli-Palestinian talks are stuck over the issue of boundaries. (Xinhua)

Israel is reportedly increasing the pace of the demolition of Palestinian homes. (Christian Science Monitor)

The PA says it will not permit another intifada in the occupied West Bank, as violent protests mark the anniversary of the second intifada. (PNN/Los Angeles Times)

Grenada and Haiti become the latest countries to recognize the State of Palestine. (Ma'an)

President Obama and PM Netanyahu will meet on Monday. (AP)

Israel and other American allies in the Middle East view Iranian diplomatic overtures with suspicion. (New York Times/AP/Xinhua)

Israel reportedly arrests an Iranian nuclear spy. (New York Times/Reuters)

Netanyahu says he's going to "tell the truth" about Iran. (Los Angeles Times)

Pres. Peres says "all options" are open on Iran, and criticizes Netanyahu's "scornful" approach. (AP/Xinhua)

Five Egyptian policemen are killed by extremists in Sinai. (Ma'an)

Four Jewish extremists are arrested for allegedly smashing Christian gravestones in Jerusalem. (Xinhua/AFP)

Israel's Navy will soon receive three "next-generation fast patrol boats." (Xinhua/YNet)

Israel declares a demolished village in the Jordan Valley a "closed military area." (Ma'an)

Likud MK Hanegbi says Jerusalem is negotiable, but the right of return for Palestinian refugees is not. (Ha'aretz)

Israel's Holocaust museum is naming an Egyptian physician as its first Arab "righteous Gentile."(YNet)

National Security Advisor Rice says sanctions against Iran won't be lifted until it "proves" it doesn't have a nuclear weapons program. (AP/Times of Israel)

J Street launches a $1 million campaign for Jewish Americans to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

PBS looks at Rawabi, the first "planned Palestinian city" in the occupied West Bank. (PBS)

Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf performs at the Hague. (AFP)


El Hassan bin Talal says Israel can be a partner in the birth of a new Middle East. (The Daily Star)

Shlomi Eldar says only an interim agreement between Israel and the PLO is achievable at present. (Al Monitor)

Ariela Ringel-Hoffman says there is no alternative to peace negotiations. (YNet)

Amos Harel outlines what he thinks Israel has learned from the Kenya mall terrorist attack. (Ha'aretz)

Raphael Ahren says Netanyahu's mission in Washington will be to set parameters for US-Iranian negotiations. (Times of Israel)

The Jerusalem Post says "trust but verify" should be the standard for dealing with Iran's nuclear program. (Jerusalem Post)

Chemi Shalev says Iran's duplicity on Holocaust denial suggests it is not being honest about its nuclear program. (Ha'aretz)

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed asks if we are seeing a "new Obama" dealing with Iran. (Asharq Al- Awsat)

Orly Azoulay says Obama knows what he's doing when it comes to Iran. (YNet)

Aaron David Miller says Obama is not going to sell out Israel in a nuclear deal with Iran. (Foreign Policy)

Niv Horesh says Israel should build stronger relations with China. (Ha'aretz)

Susan Hattis Rolef says Danny Danon's bellicose, annexationist rhetoric only does harm to Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

Lisa Goldman looks at a Palestinian play that was performed in Arabic in New York. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Mojtaba Mousavi says a collapse in US-Iranian negotiations would strengthen hardliners in Tehran. (Al Monitor)

Gitit Ginat says the new film "Bethlehem" is credible but too soft on the Israeli side. (Al Monitor)

Sophie Cousins looks at the "cruel exile" awaiting Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria. (Al Jazeera)

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