Pres. Obama will meet with Pres. Abbas at the UN on Monday. (USA Today)

Hamas prevents Gaza students from crossing into Egypt to get to their universities. (Ma'an)

After a week of closure, Egypt reopens the crossing with Gaza amid warnings of medical emergencies. (Xinhua)

Hamas says Egypt is destroying tunnels in an effort to further isolate Gaza. (AFP)

The closing of an Egyptian cultural center in Gaza by Hamas is another indication of deteriorating relations. (Al Monitor)

Abbas and PM Hamdallah have reportedly agreed on a new PA cabinet, to be sworn in on Thursday. (Xinhua)

The new PA cabinet is reportedly unchanged from the last one. (Ma'an)

A militant in Gaza is wounded in an exchange of fire with Israeli occupation forces. (Xinhua)

Palestinians accuse an Israeli settler running over a Palestinian child in occupied Hebron. (PNN)

A Palestinian teenager is arrested by Israeli occupation authorities in the West Bank for "planning a terror attack." (JTA)

Israeli occupation authorities arrest leaders of the Islamic Movement in East Jerusalem. (Jerusalem Post)

The PA, the EU and the German government are allocating €40 million for a wastewater treatment plant near Nablus. (PNN)

Remnants of a small rocket are found in southern Israel, presumably fired from Gaza. (YNet)

Former Pres. Mubarak claims he "started" the 1973 war. (Times of Israel)

Pres. Rouhani vows that Iran will never develop a nuclear weapon. (Los Angeles Times)

Israel and Azerbaijan strengthen diplomatic relations. (JTA)


Abdullah Iskandar says Hamas has recklessly taken on a confrontation with Egypt. (Al Hayat)

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed says the Oslo Accords may be dead, but no one has come up with any alternatives. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Eitan Haber says the Oslo agreements were hardly ideal but gave both peoples hope. (YNet)

The Times of Israel interviews Eitan Haber, the late PM Rabin’s closest aide. (Times of Israel)

Charlene Gubash says the Sabra-Shatila massacre is a grim reminder to Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. (NBC)

The Daily Star says September is always a somber month for Palestinians. (The Daily Star)

David Ignatius defends Obama's policies on Syria. (Washington Post)

Zvi Bar'el says the crisis over Syria is a throwback to the Cold War. (Ha'aretz)

Sebastian Junger says sometimes being pro-peace requires a willingness to use force. (Washington Post)

George Hishmeh says the confrontation over Syrian chemical weapons is a golden opportunity to rid the region of WMD. (Gulf News)

Khaled al-Dakhil says Washington and Riyadh are divided over Iran's role in Syria. (Al Monitor/Al Hayat)

Akiva Eldar says, like AIPAC, J Street will soon be confronted by the issue of "dual-loyalty." (Al Monitor)

Hassan Hassan looks at the growing conflict between rival Syrian rebel groups. (Foreign Policy)

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