Sec. Kerry says Israel and the Palestinians are determined to push forward with peace talks. (AFP)

Israel complains to the United States regarding alleged media 'leaks' on peace talks by Palestinian officials. (Ma'an/LA Times)

Qatar says Israeli settlements are “obstacles” to the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. (Reuters/AP)

Kerry asks EU to suspend its new restrictions on financial assistance to Israeli institutions located in the occupied Palestinian territories. (New York Times)

EU is sending diplomats to Israel to talk about new settlement guidelines, and says its implementation will be done “very sensitively.” (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Four more Palestinian properties will face demolition in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. (Ma'an)

Dutch engineering firm quits building a sewage project in the occupied East Jerusalem because it was based beyond Israel’s pre-1967 borders. (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Hamas aims to open naval military academy in Gaza. (Jerusalem Post)

PM Netanyahu rejects new year's greetings supposedly tweeted by Iranian Pres. Rouhani on Rosh Hashanah. (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Number of Arab countries will join the American coalition of 12 countries on Syria. (AFP)

Charlie Rose's interview with Pres. Assad will be shown today in which the Syrian Pres. denies chemical attack. (Guardian)

Syria, Iran and Russia are working on a proposal to avert an American strike--democratic transition in stages and expedited elections without Assad. (Haaretz)

Israel won't intervene in Syria unless Assad regime crosses "red lines," says Israeli Defense minister Ya'alon. (Ynet)

The Observer issues a correction, stating that Israel did not use chemical weapons in Gaza. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel media questions American deterrence in the Middle East due to Obama's difficulties in securing support for a strike in Syria. (AFP)

Israel deploys Iron Dome battery near Jerusalem. (Ynet)

Israeli forces raid Nablus village. (Ma'an)

Israel permits additional 5000 Palestinians to work inside the Green Line. (Jerusalem Post)

The Palestinian soccer chief accuses Israel of 'playing games' in talks on easing travel restrictions imposed on Palestinian players. (Haaretz)


Haaretz editorial criticizes the "impure alliance"  between some Israeli officials and settlement construction. (Haaretz)
Abraham H. Foxman speaks against demoting Arabic language in the Knesset and calls this move undemocratic. (Forward)
Smadar Peri says General Al-sisi deserves to be the man of the year because of how he dismantled the Brotherhood in Egypt. (Ynet)

Shoula Romano Horing describes Obama as a weak and unreliable ally over his policy on Syria. (Ynet)

Rick Jacobs says Jewish religion should never be given political power in Israel, nor should the state be given religious authority. (Forward)

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