NEWS: Amnesty International says Israel should end “administrative detention” without trial. PM Netanyahu is seeking to relocate an “unauthorized” settlement outpost. The PA says Israeli prison guards attacked and beat Palestinian prisoners. Israel arrests three Gaza fishermen. Palestinians create a new electoral system for the PNC. Two Palestinians are wounded in new Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The Knesset rejects a bill that would “legalize” “unauthorized” Israeli settlements built on privately-owned Palestinian land. Netanyahu says he will personally head a new ministerial committee on settlement affairs. Pres. Obama reportedly says he's concerned about the PA's interest in peace. Pres. Abbas urges Israelis not to turn their backs on peace. Submarine sales to Israel are controversial in Germany. A judo athlete from occupied East Jerusalem will be the first Palestinian to officially compete in the Olympics. COMMENTARY: ATFP Pres. Ziad J. Asali contemplates the lessons of the Nakba. The New York Times welcomes Netanyahu's decision to abide by the Supreme Court ruling on the Ulpana settlement and says Israel should cease all settlement activity. Miko Peled says his father believed Israel lost a golden opportunity for peace in 1967. Carlo Strenger says Netanyahu's government relies on stereotypes of Arabs. Allison Good says Americans should invest in Palestine.

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