NEWS: Two American tourists kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula are released. A Palestinian militant and an Israeli soldier are killed in a clash near the Gaza border. International consumers and states have difficulty distinguishing products made in Israel from those made in Israeli settlements. 3 Palestinians are wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. Israel is reportedly considering moving settlers from an “unauthorized” outpost to land in the occupied West Bank confiscated for a military base. The PA education Ministry approves a new high school qualification exam. Sec. Clinton tells Israel that there is no substitute for negotiations. Pres. Peres calls for an end to incitement and racism in Israeli society. Australia pledges $90 million for Palestinian refugees. Palestinians condemn proposed Israeli unilateral actions in the occupied West Bank, suggested by DM Barak. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish and Emily Hauser separately explain why Israeli unilateralism won't work. Adam Gonn says many Israeli officials are unimpressed with Barak's idea about Israeli unilateral measures in the occupied West Bank. Yossi Verter says Israeli unilateralism is a real possibility given the new coalition. Ha'aretz interviews Shlomo Sand. Danny Rubinstein says Israel's blockade in Gaza is actually strengthening Hamas politically and economically. Stephen Robert says PM Netanyahu needs to explain his vision of the future. Lara Friedman says it's laughable and disturbing that a Senate Committee would try to legislate the Palestinian refugee issue. Saleh Al-Naami says Palestinian reconciliation is being stymied by mutual mistrust and international pressures.

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