NEWS: Israel admits that it has revoked the residency rights of more than 250,000 Palestinians during the course of the occupation. Israel's Holocaust memorial is vandalized and officials suspect ultra-Orthodox Jewish culprits. Israel begins rounding up African migrants. Occupation authorities demolish an agricultural complex in East Jerusalem. The PA says it will continue to borrow money from banks if necessary. Palestinians are concerned that a new Israel-Vatican accord would indirectly recognize Israel's control of occupied East Jerusalem. A key Israeli MK and AIPAC are reportedly responsible for the drive to get the US to reclassify most Palestinian refugees. Officials say US-Israel military cooperation is “stronger than ever.” The border crossing between Egypt and Gaza is refurbished. The UK pledges $155 million for Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says more than a quarter of all Palestinians in the occupied territories live in poverty. COMMENTARY: Ha'aretz says Israel has been duly warned about the consequences of settlement activity and the prospects of a third intifada. Adam Gonn says Pres. Abbas is looking for ways to break the diplomatic deadlock with Israel. Leila Sansour says Palestinians in Bethlehem are being isolated by a wall and settlements. Ghanem Nuseibeh and Eli Epstein say Israel should provide humanitarian support to the Syrian people. Dov Waxman says Israel should not recognize the "university" in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. Bernard Avishai says Mitt Romney is growing closer to the Israeli far right. APN interviews Yossi Alpher on recent developments in Israel, especially settlement activity. Rabbi John Rosove says there is a one-state reality emerging between Israel and the occupied territories and the United States will have to act quickly after the elections to help or prevent it from becoming permanent. Amir Nizar Zuabi says Shakespeare has much to say about the Palestinian condition.

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