NEWS: Israeli and Palestinian negotiators meet to explore the possibility of resuming talks. Israel's military says it fears that Syrian chemical weapons might be targeted at Israel. Israeli officials will soon decide whether to recognize the "Ariel University Center of Samaria," a school set up by settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories, as an official Israeli “university.” Suspected pro-settlement extremists vandalize Palestinian-owned cars in occupied East Jerusalem. Israelis, including Pres. Peres, are pushing for the release of convicted spy Pollard. A senior Palestinian official says Palestinian-Israeli security coordination has been declining over the past two years. Hamas leaders say Israel could be isolated by the results of the upcoming Egyptian presidential election. The head of the Palestine Monetary Authority says the PA has reached its maximum level of borrowing from Palestinian banks. Israeli experts warn that settlement expansion could lead to a third intifada. Pres. Abbas says he "would accept” nonmember state status at the UN. Bedouins in Israel are struggling against government plans to relocate tens of thousands of them. Rear Adm. Paul Bushong is will serve as the new U. security coordinator for Israel-Palestinian Authority. COMMENTARY: Oudeh Basharat says military defeat in 1967 was an important wake-up call to the Arab world, but Hanan Ashrawi says it was a disaster for Israelis and Arabs alike. Hannan Hever says Israel needs to recognize it bears a heavy responsibility for the Palestinian Nakba. Dor Glick says the world should help Israel by boycotting settlement products. Yaron Friedman says Jewish Israelis should study Arabic. Donald McIntyre looks at conditions in Gaza, five years after Hamas took over. The National says Palestinian resistance to occupation must be characterized by nonviolence. Uri Avnery remembers Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 as a “war of lies.” Hussein Ibish says it's incorrect to think Abbas is politically weak and incapable of acting. Amal Daraghmeh Masri says the Palestinian economy is ready for independence. Elliott Abrams says few Middle East actors really want Israeli-Palestinian peace. Dan Ephron says PM Netanyahu now has to political clout to take on the settler movement, but he won't.

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