NEWS: PLO officials say they are working on a possible meeting between Pres. Abbas and PM Netanyahu, and say they will demand the release of pre-Oslo prisoners. Israeli settlers in the "Ulpana” outpost say they'll have to be forced to leave. Israel begins fortifying schools near the Gaza border. Israel reportedly arrests a former soldier, now living in Bethlehem and seeking Palestinian citizenship. Israel releases transcripts related to the murder of a settler family. MK Michaeli Is embroiled in a controversy over her stridently homophobic remarks. According to a new poll, most Israelis think Mitt Romney would be a friendlier president to Israel than Barack Obama. A UNESCO committee advises Palestinians not to go forward with an effort to register the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as a World Heritage site in Palestine. Palestinians hope to benefit from a visit by Pres. Putin. Palestinians pressure UEFA over Israel's scheduled hosting of the upcoming European Under-21 soccer championship. The Middle East Quartet meets in Brussels amid Palestinian criticism it has become ineffective. COMMENTARY: Ha'aretz says Israel must end discrimination against Palestinian college graduates. Dan Sagir says Israel needs a minister for peace. Herb Keinon says the new Israeli Comptroller report on the flotilla incident illustrates a slapdash decision-making process. Alon Ben-Meir outlines the speech he thinks Netanyahu ought to give. A new book looks back on life in Palestine under the British mandate. George Hishmeh says Pres. Obama is dithering on Israeli-Palestinian peace, and that's likely to continue. Emily Hauser says Israel's image problem stems from the fact that it's legitimate to doubt that its government really wants peace. Rafael Frankel says that "modified unilateralism” by Israel might be the only way forward towards peace. Sahar Segal says it's ridiculous for some Palestinians to urge a boycott of Palestinian citizens of Israel who have integrated into Israeli society.

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