NEWS: A hunger-striking Palestinian soccer player is released in a deal with Israeli authorities. Hamas welcomes Muslim Brotherhood claims of victory in the Egyptian presidential election. Two Palestinians are killed in a refugee camp in Lebanon. The death toll on Israel's Egypt and Gaza borders rises to seven. PM Netanyahu condemns an attack by extremist settlers on a mosque near Ramallah. Israelis and Palestinians cooperate in stopping the spread of deadly bacteria. Israel says Hamas, in a rare move, is firing rockets into southern Israel, and reports say Hamas is taking “credit” for the attacks. No Palestinian citizens of Israel will be in that country's upcoming Olympic delegation. Former Palestinian prisoners describe life after being released. Palestinians are seeking full representation at the Rio+20 sustainable development summit. COMMENTARY: Shaul Arieli says unilateral Israeli moves may not advance the peace process. Carlo Strenger says messianism is endangering Israel. Yaakov Katz says Israel can't deal with it security concerns In Sinai and elsewhere, and it needs Egyptian cooperation. Nachman Shai asks if it's really a good idea for Israel to surround itself with barriers. Gerson Baskin says national unity talks between Fatah and Hamas have broken down completely. The National says the MRSA bacteria scare in Gaza is one more affliction the people there don't need. Aaron David Miller looks at what he identifies as five myths about the US-Israel relationship. Yael Gvirtz says Israeli society needs to count the costs of the settlement project. Lara Friedman says Israeli unilateralism won't work.

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