NEWS: Israeli workers constructing a barrier along the Gaza border are attacked and one is killed, along with two of the assailants. Two Palestinians are killed in Israeli shelling of northern Gaza. Israeli officials accuse the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood of ordering a missile attack on southern Israel from Gaza. An Israeli truck driver kills two Palestinians and wounds another in what he says was an attempt to foil an armed robbery. Israel may fit drones with a new sensor. Pres. Abbas accuses Israel of not being committed to a two-state solution. Palestinian anti-corruption authorities say PA and PLO officials are under investigation. Extremist Israeli settlers issue a guide to "struggling against evictions" by the Israeli government. Israel begins expelling hundreds of African migrants. The Israeli government is trying to increase the employment rate of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Refugees processed in southern Lebanon after a Palestinian refugee is killed in a confrontation with the Lebanese army. EU diplomats visit a Palestinian town near Hebron ordered demolished by Israeli occupation authorities. COMMENTARY: Raja Shehadeh says classical music is gaining a foothold in Palestinian society. Adam Gonn says Deputy PM Mofaz may be trying to chart his own foreign policy course. Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff say Egypt is becoming a “hotbed of terrorism” and Israel is powerless to stop it. Akiva Eldar says recent remarks by Deputy PM Ya'alon reveal PM Netanyahu's real intentions. Naomi Chazan says Israel's best friends are human rights watchdog groups. Adel Safty says legalizing land theft is part of Israel's broader strategy. Emily Hauser explains why she still believes in a two-state solution. Noga Tarnopolsky says an unused waste treatment plant in the Israeli settlement of Ofra in the West Bank has come to symbolize the conflict.

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