In a Christianity Today blog, U.S. evangelical leader David Neff reports on a meeting he and five other Evangelical leaders held recently with Secretary Rice to express their support for her current Mideast peacemaking efforts (1.) McClatchy Newspapers examines the recently released public letter by former Hamas government spokesman Hamad, criticizing the movement for ideological rigidity and for its military takeover of Gaza (3.) A Christian Science Monitor commentary by Tariq Ramadan addresses his barring from the U.S. resulting in his inability to assume his professorship at Notre Dame university (5.) Middle East Progress interviews Palestinian NY Times Gaza journalist Taghreed El-Khodary about the situation in Gaza during the current closure (7.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Rami Khouri relates his attendance at a panel featuring 'Israel Lobby' authors and professors Walt and Mearshiemer and ties in their analysis to growing calls for war against Iran (10.) Haaretz (Israel) reports on the recent visit to Israel by U.S. national security advisor Hadley and his urging Israel to provide tangible changes on the ground for the Palestinians including the removal of outposts (12.) Also in Haaretz, an opinion by Shmuel Rosner examines how it is the fear of the consequences of failure that is bringing the parties to the Annapolis meeting (13.)

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