The Associated Press looks at how the memory of the failed Camp David talks in 2001 is weighing heavily on the parties to the Mideast fall meeting (2.) The Washington Post examines the efforts by Secretary Rice to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians during her current trip to the region (4.) In his periodic 'Letter From Israel' Ran Ha Cohen looks at the newly released 'peace initiative' by the Israeli far Right (5.) An International Herald Tribune opinion by Century Foundation and New America Foundation senior fellow Daniel Levy urges the construction of an alliance of peace camp groups to counter the hawkish right-wing constituency in the U.S. (7.) In BitterLemons (Israel/Palestine) Israeli professor of government Galia Golan looks at the confluence of factors making the fall Mideast meeting a genuine opportunity for furthering Israeli-Palestinian peace (11.) Haaretz (Israel) presents the latest Peace Index Project polling of the Israeli people on the fall meeting (13.) Also in Haaretz, Akiva Eldar analyzes the three alternatives available to President Bush regarding the substance of the fall meeting and each alternative's supporters (15.)

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