The Los Angeles Times examines Arab misgivings regarding the intentions behind the fall Mideast meetings as well as prospects for its success (2.) The Associated Press reports on plans for the first Palestinian census in the occupied territories in a decade and how the results could impact future peace talks with Israel (3.) The New York Times reviews the new book by Israeli historian Zertal and Israeli journalist Eldar on the Israeli settlement project in the occupied Palestinian territories (5.) The Christian Science Monitor assesses the prospects of reviving the Mideast peace process as the Bush administration ratchets up its engagement in the lead up to the fall meeting (7.) The Guardian (UK) looks at new statements by Israeli PM Olmert regarding Israel's willingness to return parts of occupied East Jerusalem to the Palestinians (9.) The Independent (UK) reports on the impressions being made on Quartet envoy Tony Blair as he travels the West Bank as part of his mission of strengthening Palestinian institutions and the economy (11.) An Arab News (Saudi Arabia) editorial finds positive signs for movement on the peace process in recent Israeli and Palestinian statements on the issue (13.) A Haaretz (Israel) opinion by Akiva Eldar spells out what an personal involvement by President Bush in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace should be composed of (15.)

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