The New York Times reports on the cash shortage in Gaza's banks due to the decision by Israeli commercial banks to stop all Palestinian banks in Gaza (2.) In Israel policy Forum, MJ Rosenberg identifies the critical steps needed in terms of both an agreement and actions on the ground if the fall Mideast meeting is to be a success (4.) The Guardian (UK) looks at the continued barring of Palestinian students from Israeli universities by the Israeli army despite an Israeli Supreme Court order to relax such restrictions (8.) The Economist (UK) reviews a book by Israeli historian Idith Zertal and Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar on how Israeli settlers have consistently thwarted Israeli law to establish settlements in the occupied West Bank greatly complicating two-state solution prospects (10.) In BitterLemons (Israel/Palestine) former Palestinian minister of planning Ghassan Khatib identifies Israeli actions on the ground that undermine prospects for a successful fall meeting (12.) In Haaretz (Israel), Aluf Benn analyzes how two parties in Israeli PM Olmert's coalition could determine the extent of flexibility in his negotiations with the Palestinians (14.) A Ynet News/Yedioth (Israel) opinion by Israeli Geneva Initiative director-general Gadi Baltiansky addresses the consequences of the current Israeli and Palestinian leaderships in reaching a peace settlement (15.)

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