The Christian Science Monitor looks at how recent more moderate statements by Hamas regarding negotiating with Israel are impacting efforts to exclude the group and increasing calls for Palestinian reconciliation (2.) The Washington Post examines the determination of Secretary Rice to achieve a breakthrough in Mideast peace efforts during the last 14 months of the Bush administration (4.) The Forward reports on the backing of Senator Brownback, a Republican presidential candidate, for an Israeli right-wing campaign to oppose the current Israeli-Palestinian peace process (6.) The Independent (UK) reports on warnings by the Israeli Likud party about returning any part of occupied East Jerusalem to the Palestinians (8.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Rami Khouri assesses why the current peace momentum is unlikely to succeed due to its coming too late and too hastily (9.) A Haaretz (Israel) opinion by Shmuel Rosner argues that the setting of a time for the fall meeting was a mistake that will have serious consequences (12.)

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