In the American Prospect, Gershom Gorenberg analyzes how archaeology is used at the Haram Sharif/Temple Mount to underline claims of sovereignty and draws an important lesson from the 2001 Camp David talks (2.) Reuters examines the many challenges facing Secretary Rice in bringing Israelis and Palestinians to agree on a joint document for the fall meeting as well as on entering formal statehood talks after that (4.) In the Middle East Times, Claude Salhani reports on the ATFP's DC gala at which Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns reiterated Secretary Rice's assertion that the time for establishing a Palestinian state was now (6.) A Forward editorial urges Israel seize the opportunity for peace between Israel and Syria and the Palestinians, warning of the consequences for Israel in not doing so (7.) In Israel Policy Forum, MJ Rosenberg lays out why the right-wing Israeli and Jewish American claims that Jerusalem is in danger of being 'divided' are in reality a scare tactic meant to oppose peace efforts (9.) The Financial Times (UK) looks at Palestinian indifference on the street regarding the fall meeting for reasons relating to both internal division and Israel actions on the ground (11.) A Jordan Times (Jordan) opinion by George Hishmeh argues for an Israeli commitment to the Non-Proliferation treaty (14.) A Jerusalem Post (Israel) opinion by former Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general David Kimche urges Israel to capitalize on the current opportunity to achieve a two-state solution before its time passes and the one-state solution becomes the default option (15.)

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