A Baltimore Sun opinion by visiting professor of politics at Harvey Mudd College Suheir Daoud urges the delaying of the Mideast fall meeting due to internal Israeli and Palestinian weaknesses and divisions (2.) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency looks at the dual message the U.S. is sending Israel in terms of support against Iran coupled with a determination to facilitate peace with the Palestinians (4.) The BBC (UK) looks at an Amnesty International report on how Palestinian factional fighting has exacerbated human rights abuses (5.) A Guardian (UK) comment by Jonathan Freedland examines the extremely low expectations for the fall meeting, while noting that all sides seem determined to put on paper the outlines of a settlement along the lines of the Taba negotiations (7.) A Haaretz (Israel) by Prince Hassan of Jordan calls on Muslims to diffrentiate between Israeli policies and Judaism with which Islam and Christianity share a common heritage (9.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Rami Khouri comments on recent remarks by UNRWA commissioner general Karen Abuzayd about Palestinian loss of faith in the international community's ability to be fair and objective in their treatment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (10.)

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