Competing claims continue over the death of a Palestinian protester at the hands of Israeli forces. The CSM asks if Israel is still a democracy. Aaron David Miller urges a stronger role for Sec. Clinton. Rob Danin analyzes Palestinian state building. Violence continues on the Israel-Gaza border. PM Netanyahu will meet Pres. Mubarak. Muslim, Christian and Jewish clerics meet in Ramallah. Palestinians seek quick action at the UN on settlements, as a draft resolution is finalized. Israel may have charged bribes for access to Gaza. Disputes continue about a new Palestinian planned city in the West Bank. Reports say Palestinians have presented proposals on borders and security but Israel has ignored them. Palestinians urge the US to pressure Israel to accept a Palestinian state. Netanyahu may be investigating his senior aides. Jordan's king says swift action is needed on peace. The Knesset decides to investigate Israeli human rights groups. JJ Goldberg says Netanyahu is losing support of the Israeli senior military. Michael Young says the US needs to proceed very carefully on peace. Chile warms to a Palestinian state.

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