Hanan Ashrawi And Ian Williams both say the US should support a Security Council resolution condemning settlement activity, but the US says it is unhelpful and faces the prospect of vetoing language with which it basically agrees. PM Fayyad's strategy confounds both Israelis and Palestinians. The FBI has been investigating AIPAC for espionage for many years. Israel expresses concern about instability in Lebanon. The French FM is accosted in Gaza. Elliott Abrams says Pres. Obama needs to seriously reconsider his whole Middle East approach. The Palestinian flag is raised that the PLO mission in Washington. Hussein Agha and Robert Malley catalog the difficulties facing the peace process. Israeli soldiers kill an armed Palestinian militant. The OIC hosts Israeli-Palestinian sports talks. UK officials consider PM Netanyahu "untrustworthy." Eitan Haber says a Palestinian state is coming soon. Racism and hatred is a reportedly spreading quickly among Israeli students. US officials Dennis Ross and David Hale are in Israel to discuss security concerns. The PA pledges to stop court marshaling civilians. A senior Israeli military figure is being investigated for massive land theft.

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