An Israeli soldier is released after murdering an unarmed Palestinian man in his bed In Hebron by mistake, while attempting to murder a Hamas operative neighbor. Israeli human rights groups claim they are being persecuted by new laws. Israel drops an investigation into the shooting of a Palestinian motorist. Palestinians, with the help of the Arab states, prepare to submit a Security Council resolution on settlements and hope the US will not veto it. Gaza extremists fire at Israeli civilians. The PLO hoists the Palestinian flag at the mission in Washington DC for the first time. Gaza children risk their lives searching for scrap in no man’s lands. Palestinians seek more Arab support on Jerusalem. Leaked cables suggest the US sought more intelligence on Israeli and Palestinian officials. Israel insists a Palestinian protester died from medical malpractice, not teargas inhalation. Israel establishes a homeland security ministry. Israeli teens protest against growing racism. At least half of the pledged aid to Palestine in 2010 was not delivered. The PA promises to stop court-martialing civilians. Israeli tanks attack northern Gaza. Naomi Shepherd says Israel needs a real opposition parties. Israel investigates Arab funding of left-wing Israeli NGOs. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid says Arab leaders have forgotten the concept of stepping down from power. Jonathan Power says the settler movement is out of control.

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