Palestinian damage control over alleged leaked documents seems to be working. Turkey releases its own Gaza flotilla report. The PA says it's going to sue Al Jazeera. Palestinians say a settler killed a Palestinian protester. A PA office in Gaza and an Al Jazeera studio in the West Bank are ransacked. Israeli soldiers are convicted, but will not be jailed, for shooting a bound Palestinian prisoner. Palestinians call for UN investigations into Israeli excavations in Jerusalem. Ari Shavit says at least a de facto two-state solution is necessary. Gideon Levy says Israel will never get a better deal than it seems to have been offered in 2008. Both Jews and Arabs have historically hidden weapons in inappropriate places during conflict. Palestinians accuse settlers of torching a vehicle. Larry Derfner calls the present Israeli leadership intransigent. British author Ian McEwan explains why he will not boycott Israel. Jewish American lobbyists are skeptical about reported Palestinian offers, but JJ Goldberg says leaks show Israel has a partner if it wants it. Daoud Kuttab says leaks ultimately strengthen the Palestinian, not the Israeli, position. Philip Wilcox says real Palestinian sovereignty requires the removal of the many settlements.

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