Palestinians are prevented from investing in Jerusalem real estate. John Whitbeck says the US should join the rest of the world in recognizing Palestine. Jeffrey Goldberg says Israel must recognize that Jerusalem must be the Palestinian capital. Settlers are evacuated from an unauthorized outpost, with several are hurt in scuffles, along with an elderly Palestinian man. The PA accuses Hamas of hypocrisy by calling for calm in Gaza and for violence in the West Bank, and Abdullah Iskandar agrees. Fatah's investigation into Mohammed Dahlan is expanded. Sec. Clinton reiterates that Israel makes its own decisions. A paralyzed Palestinian girl is given Israeli residency. Hamas leaders say they want to replace the PLO because of its secularism. Pres. Abbas says the US is not working hard enough to create a Palestinian state. Israel's Social Affairs Minister says the country feels like Alabama in the 1940s. The Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem is trying to help Palestinians stay. An Al Jazeera TV reporter says Israeli security demanded she remove her bra at a press conference. Tensions reportedly grow between George Mitchell and Dennis Ross. Abbas is demonstrating increased authority. Daoud Kuttab says the PA is in a difficult position. FM Maliki explains the Palestinian strategy for international recognition and Yossi Alpher says this can be an opportunity for Israel as well.

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