In his memoirs former PM Olmert says he was close to a deal with the Palestinians. Israel warily views unrest in Egypt. Khaled Elgindy says the Palestinian domestic constituency must be taken into consideration in peace talks. Palestinians say settlers have shot another protester. Al Jazeera's correspondent in Ramallah resigns. There is little recourse for victims of gender-based violence in the occupied territories. Israeli leaders "war-game" a Palestinian unilateral declaration of independence. Leaked alleged documents deepen Palestinian political divides, but Aluf Benn says they show a surprisingly serious process. Israel says Hezbollah is sending agents to Gaza. Yoel Marcus says Israel should focus on peace with the Palestinians, not Iran's nuclear program. Gadi Taub says as long as the occupation continues, Israel will not shed its apartheid image. Bill Clinton says Israel has never had a better peace partner. A British filmmaker looks at the conflict. Students stage a sit-in at the PLO mission in London. Palestinians say they may release documents embarrassing to Qatar.

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