The New York Times says both Israeli and Palestinian leaders need to be more serious about negotiations. Some analysts say the US is offering too many inducements. Declassification of Israeli documents about the 1973 war sparks controversy. Palestinians are halfway through their first state building project, and the US reiterates its support. A settlement in the Jordan Valley is expanding. Pres. Abbas and PM Netanyahu will reportedly meet in Paris. Palestinian officials say they do not believe there will be serious negotiations with this Israeli government. Israel bombs Gaza. Xinhua asks what will happen if talks fail. Hamas and Fatah will hold another round of talks in Damascus. Israel is likely to adopt a new loyalty oath that Palestinian citizens call racist, and the Labor Party hopes to leverage it for a settlement freeze extension. Palestinians say settlers are stealing their olive harvest. Todd Hasak-Lowy says many Israelis are oblivious to the dangers they face. Michael Jansen says negotiations are going nowhere.

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