Mustafa Barghouthi says Palestinians should unilaterally declare independence and invite international recognition like Kosovo. PM Netanyahu approves 240 new settler housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. Hamas leaders are banned from entering Egypt. Pres. Abbas reiterates there is no alternative to a two-state agreement, urges Quartet action, and says Israel can call itself whatever it likes. Palestinian refugees are disillusioned. Arab states may ask the UN to recognize Palestine. Zeev Sternhell says Israel's right requires perpetual war, and Gideon Levy says they just hate Arabs. 36% of Jewish Israelis want to revoke Palestinian citizens' voting rights. Elderly Israelis claim former homes in occupied East Jerusalem. There is more criticism of Israel's proposed new loyalty oath, and Jonathan Cook says if he is forced to take it, he will be lying. Palestinian women make a living hitting Jewish skullcaps. The Forward asks if Netanyahu will have to choose between peace and his coalition partners. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid says Israeli extremists want to expel Palestinian citizens. Joseph Chamie says demographics are a threat to peace. Christopher Hayes looks at settler conduct and ideology in Hebron and Jerusalem.

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