The lull in Middle East peace talks may become permanent. Hamas says it will destroy “illegal” structures on public land. The PA says the new planned Palestinian city can absorb settlement workers. Saudi Arabia pledges $100 million in aid to the PA. Settlers confirm work has begun on up to 600 new housing units. Israel says talks are the only option. US midterm elections may affect policy and negotiations. Palestinians are angered by new incentives for settlers to move to Jerusalem. Akiva Eldar says the Oslo Accords have turned into a tool of the occupation. The Israeli military prepares for a possible PA ban on area A incursions. The Pope says peace is possible and urgently needed. Elyakim Haetzni condemns settler violence. Hamas is accused of turning a blind eye to extremist vandalism. Israel is investigating a Gaza war atrocity. Lawrence Wright has a one-man performance about the war. Abdullah Iskandar questions whether talks could lead to a Palestinian state. Gwynne Dyer says Israel's new loyalty oath is an effort to change the subject. The Arab News says only justice for the Palestinians can ensure Israeli security.

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