A diplomatic incident exposes rifts between PM Netanyahu and FM Lieberman. Israeli Amb. Oren says Palestinians must recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” Palestinians say they will do so if Israel returns the 1967 borders. The US says Palestinians are right to ask for clarified borders, but must do so in negotiations. Israel's mayor in Jerusalem wants to rezone Arab neighborhoods. Israel says it may reconsider its demand for a long-term security presence in the Jordan Valley after Palestinian independence. Israelis and Palestinians try to bridge the divide in the Galilee. Stone-throwing Israeli settlers clash with Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. Larry Derfner says Netanyahu has revealed himself to be an extremist. Avner Cohen says Israel should be open about its nuclear arsenal. The Forward dismisses Israel's new loyalty oath for non-Jews. Israeli forces reportedly train for population transfer. Osman Mirghani says Netanyahu has shown he's not serious about peace. George Hishmeh says Israel doesn't know what it wants. Michael Jansen critiques Israel's new loyalty oath. Daoud Kuttab dismisses Israel's “Jewish state” demand. Hussein Ibish looks at the dangers of another intifada.

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