PM Netanyahu's proposal for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a "Jewish state" is met with widespread skepticism. Palestinians say Washington is not taking the idea seriously either. Israel sentences a leader of Palestinian nonviolent protests to a year in prison. The PA has submitted a formal request for a West Bank airport. Pres. Abbas' office dismisses rumors of his resignation. Deputy PM Ya'alon doubts peace is possible. The French FM says an initiative to restart talks is underway. Akiva Eldar says Netanyahu is trying to get the Palestinians to give up the right of return. Carlo Strenger says the new Israeli loyalty oath demonstrates a hatred of liberal values and MK Tibi says it's another instance of discrimination. Raja Khalidi questions whether conditions are right for successful state building. Hussein Ibish warns against another intifada. Gershon Baskin says more popular support is needed for peace. Israel continues to deport Palestinians from the West Bank. Israeli troops are accused of shooting children in Gaza. Sam Bahour and Charles Shamas say the OECD meeting in Jerusalem is an affront to international law. Columbia University establishes the first academic center for Palestine Studies. Gaza's prisons are chaotic.

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