The Associated Press weighs the challenges and opportunities facing Israelis and Palestinians as they try to conclude a final peace settlement in 2008 (1.) A New York Times editorial urges more Bush administration engagement in the post-Annapolis peace efforts stagnation (3.) Inter Press Service examines the prospects of Israeli PM Olmert remaining in office through 2008 as the consequences of the 2006 Lebanon War and peacemaking with the Palestinians stress his governing coalition (6.) Der Speigel (Germany) reports on an Israeli entrepreneur who has located his computer company's development center in the West Bank in an effort to help create a high-tech Palestinian economy (8.) BBC (UK) interviews a range of Mideast experts on the prospects of achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace in 2008 (9.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Michael Young takes issue with claims that 'neo-conservatives' still dominate and impact U.S. Mideast foreign policy (10.) An Arab News (Saudi Arabia) opinion by former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter calls for a re-evaluation of the current relationship between the U.S. and Israel in favor of one of mutual benefit (12.) A Yedioth/Ynet News opinion by Hebrew university professor Gabi Sheffer cautions Israel from a re-invasion of Gaza, urging instead serious negotiations with Syria and the Palestinians, including Hamas (14.)

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