A Washington Times opinion by ATFP president Dr. Ziad Asali elaborates on why developing a strong and effective Palestinian security service is in Palestinian, American and Israeli interests (1.) Reuters reports on a Red Cross statement critical of the effect of Israeli restrictions on Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza (3.) In a Salon opinion, Greg Greenwald analyzes the results of an American Jewish Committee poll of American Jewish opinion and finds that rightwing opinions are held by few in the community (4), while in Inter Press Service, Jim Lobe looks at the same survey to find declining support for the establishment of a Palestinian state (8.) The Forward reviews the new book on former U.S. ambassador Kurtzer and USIP scholar Lasensky that takes a historical look at shortcomings in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking by successive U.S. administrations (6.) The Independent (UK) looks at the less than auspicious start to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks (10.) An Arab News (Saudi Arabia) opinion by Uri Avnery analyzes Israel's reaction to the recent National Intelligence Estimate report on Iran's nuclear weaponization program (12.) Haaretz (Israel) looks at a World Bank report warning that even if all donors fulfill their pledges to the Palestinians, the Palestinian economy will not improve without a relaxing of Israeli movement restrictions in the West Bank (14.) Also in Haaretz, an opinion by former Israeli FM director general Shlomo Avineri takes a historical look at the reasons for the success or failure of American foreign policy in the Mideast (15.)

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