The Christian Science Monitor examines how back-channels may play a key role in upcoming Israeli-Palestinian negotiations (2.) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency looks at how some Israeli setters are attempting to build further settlement outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories in order to subvert peace negotiations (3.) A Philadelphia Inquirer opinion by Eric Trager urges the inclusion of a second Arab party to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to help each side overcome their respective weaknesses (5.) The Toronto Star (Canada) reports on the unpredictability and arduousness of commuting for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank because of Israeli restrictions (7.) The Telegraph (UK) examines how planned Israeli construction in the Har Homa settlement threatens upcoming Mideast peace talks (9.) A Jordan Times (Jordan) opinion by Gwynne Dyer fleshes out Israeli PM Olmert's statements on the choices available to Israel being either a Palestinian state or an apartheid-like situation (11.) In Haaretz (Israel) Bradley Burston urges a new Israeli policy to encourage the elements within the Hamas movement moving towards accommodation with Israel (12.) Also in Haaretz, an editorial is critical of the Har Homa settlement expansion and warns of its many damaging ramifications (14.)

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