The Washington Post reports from Gaza on the increasing humanitarian toll borne by its civilian residents due to the blockade of the territory (1.) Salon sheds light on the new coalition of the religious right-wing aiming to prevent any return of sharing of Jerusalem with the Palestinians as part of a future peace settlement (3.) The Independent (UK) looks at Saudi reluctance to commit budgetary support to the Abbas/Fayyad government (5.) The Telegraph (UK) reports on statements by Palestinian president Abbas at the Paris donor conference warning of the consequences of insufficient financial support for the Palestinians (7.) An Arab News (Saudi Arabia) opinion by Jonathan Power examines Israel's excessive reliance on military power in the face of an Arab world not posing such a threat (8.) In Miftah, Caelum Moffatt analyzes the challenges facing both the two and one state solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (10.) A Haaretz (Israel) editorial sees the establishment of a Palestinian unity government as the only way to end militant rocket fire into Israel from Gaza (11.) Also in Haaretz is an examination of how the issue of removal of Israeli roadblocks in the occupied West Bank will feature prominently in today's Paris donor conference (13.)

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