Reuters reports on how Israel's interpretation of a freeze in settlements is being translated on the ground (1.) BBC (UK) examines the steps being taken to ensure that the $7.4 billion pledged by the international community as aid to the Palestinians reaches those most in need (5.) A Times (UK) opinion by chief foreign commentator Bronwen Maddox acknowledges the importance of the Paris donor conference while stressing that realization of its benefits hinges on Israel's relaxing of its restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement (7.) The A Daily Star (Lebanon) editorial stresses the critical role of the United States in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking in the wake of the Paris donor conference (9.) In a BitterLemons (Israel/Palestine) interview, Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi ties the Israeli demand to be recognized as a Jewish state prior to negotiations to the 'demographic' issue (11.) A Haaretz (Israel) editorial urges the Israeli government to remove all roadblocks in the occupied West Bank that are hindering the Palestinian economy, in accordance with the World Bank report on the issue (12.)

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