A New York Times editorial urges Israelis and Palestinians to begin the work necessary to break out of old patterns detrimental to peace negotiations (2.) In Israel Policy Forum, MJ Rosenberg takes heart in growing indications that the more conservative American Jewish institutions are adopting the two-state solution paradigm (4.) A Jewish Telegraphic Agency opinion by AMEINU president Kenneth Bob calls on U.S. Jews to support Israeli government decisions on the future of Jerusalem (6.) The New Statesman (UK) reports on the critical shortages affecting Gaza and its civilian population (7.) The Australian (Australia) reports on an open letter from Hamas to Secretary of State Rice asking that the sanctions against Gaza be lifted (8.) In Haaretz (Israel) Amira Haas reports on how the takeover of three institutions in Gaza by Hamas has deepened the Gaza-West Bank split (9.) Also in Haaretz are the results of a survey of the Israeli public post-Annapolis (10.) A Jordan Times (Jordan) editorial is critical of the reported Israeli offer of a provisional Palestinian state made at Annapolis (13.)

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