Pres. Abbas hints at resignation. PM Fayyad affirms that there can be no Palestinian state or peace with Israel retaining the Jordan Valley, but PM Netanyahu insists it must. Hamas says Gazans will turn the Knesset into Tahrir Square. Palestinian women still face marginalization. Analysts look at whether Israel's pledge to dismantle unauthorized outposts could revamp peace talks. A radio station promotes Palestinian women's rights. Niva Lanir says the world is looking at Israel the way it looked at South Africa. Israel's military predicts it could not contain a West Bank uprising. Palestinian citizens of Israel say they are being pushed into a corner. Settlers say they will resume work on unauthorized structures. Amr Mousa says that if he is President of Egypt, he will maintain the treaty with Israel. The UK is upgrading the status of the PLO mission but says it's still not ready to recognize a Palestinian state. Gershon Baskin says Netanyahu should commit Israel to peace, and Leonard Fein says Pres. Obama should tell them that too. Hamas is criticized for a media crackdown. The Palestinian national soccer team will play its first home match.

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