Palestinians try to create a “Facebook revolution.” Dashiell Shapiro says Egypt should resume responsibility for Gaza. Hamas urges Gaza students not to study the Holocaust. Israel tests another advanced weapon. Israel permits tomato exports from Gaza. Israel may seek an interim agreement with the Palestinians. Israel plans more settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel says settler evacuations are not a new policy. Pres. Abbas urges the Quartet to launch a “meaningful” peace process. Hamas again demands reform of the PLO. Ha’aretz says to keep Israel Jewish, settlements must be frozen. Aluf Benn says PM Netanyahu lacks international credibility. A veteran Israeli diplomat says both the PM and the FM are harming Israel’s international standing. Israeli rightists march in Jaffa. Eitan Haber says Israel needs peace with Syria. Jehan Sadat says the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty is not in danger. Settlers accuse Netanyahu of imposing a de facto settlement freeze. J Street leaders say being pro-Palestinian is being pro-Israel. Hussein Ibish is interviewed on Palestinian state building.

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