Israel will decide whether to approve 1500 new settlement housing units in occupied East Jerusalem. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the international back burner. West Bank villagers are subject to DNA tests regarding the murder of the settler family, and dozens are arrested in possible connection to the attack. The PLO is working on constitutional amendments. Israeli tanks accompany bulldozers into Gaza. Israel makes it easier to revoke citizenship from “terrorists.” Israel is considering annexing some West Bank settlements. Palestinian officials say they might give up US aid for national unity. Palestinian groups deny involvement in Syria unrest. Israel arrests 16 Palestinians in Hebron. Israel threatens unilateral actions if the UN recognizes Palestine. Akiva Eldar looks at how Israel can help change Muslim attitudes. Israel’s new security chief says it could have destroyed Hamas in Gaza. A new poll shows 46% of Israelis support settler violence. Gershon Baskin says Palestine is inevitable. David Horovitz says Palestinians can use the UN Gen. Assembly to advance statehood. Barry Rubin says another Israel-Hamas war is inevitable. Karma Nabulsi says Palestinians need new PNC elections. The Jordan Times says Israel is being intransigent. Yossi Alpher says in a period of unrest Israel has a stake in strengthening Palestinian moderates. Samir Abdullah says Arab democratic change is good for the Palestinians. Khaled Abu Toameh asks why Pres. Abbas is pursuing unity with Hamas.

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